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Hear YE! Hear YE! Tonight's topic is tournament! Before the tournaments begin, feel free to get some articles reading in before the main event.


Tonight is the prologue to a Mario Kart 8 TAYrnament with participant Dyram, the mad-min, and self-pronounce Mario Kart drift master. For those who wish for a chance to challenge thy mad-min, join us on the morrow, the sixth month of this year on the 4th day. Time to be announced.

Also, please consult the Swan regarding bets.

Let us spend this wondrous night discussing our favorite tournaments. It can be tournaments you've participated and walked out triumphantly or the greatest tournament you've ever witness. It doesn't even have to be a real tournament, could be something you've watch in a TV show or online.


If you wish to talk amongst yourself, you may want to step outside, it's about to get really loud in here.

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