I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The other day, I was finishing up the Splatoon singleplayer when I noticed something rather... dark. I won’t spoil it, but it was pretty surprising when I did notice it, especially since it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the story. Rather in some of the optional scrolls you can collect. It wasn’t anything major, but really just a small backstory point that just made the entire game feel a lot darker than it had before I’d known about this. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Nintendo is pretty good at hiding some rather dark things in their games. Immeditately, I thought about all of those random stories that we make up about other Nintendo games, chiefly done by Game Theory, where we have things like Mario killing all of the Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants by breaking blocks and stuff.


Plus, the darkness of Splatoon isn’t helped in the slightest by the absurd and depressing Miiverse posts that game gets.

The other example I immediately thought of was Adventure Time, which, spoilers from five years ago, takes place after the “big mushroom war”—essentially a giant nuclear war that ended the world as we know it. You have little tidbits like Marceline’s dad eating the last of her food (her fries) and random points like that (even if she is a vampire, that junk is sad). The show has, admittedly, gotten more open about its dark background since then, but it just kind of changed my overall thoughts on the story.

So that’s what we’re going to talk about today, TAY. What are some of your favorite stories that suddenly got very, very dark? They can be from books, comics, TV, or video games—your choice! You could even throw in your favorite episodes from Game Theory for all I care. Feel free to talk about it down below.


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P.S. - Going to be a little bit late to hosting this tonight, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves! I’ll blast you all with replies once I get back.

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