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Guys, I will not be around this weekend. I am off to VEGAS BABY!

My best friend from high school is getting married in May, and his best man organized a bachelor party this weekend in Vegas. I have been before but it was with my mother so obviously it was a much different experience. This time around I will know a bit of what to expect. We went to a Blue Man Group show and it was pretty cool.

I didn’t win any money but I shouldn’t be surprised. I tried the poker rooms. I was NOT this guy.


I was more like this guy.


I have some fun stuff planned. They want to go to a gun range where you can shoot off a variety of assault weapons in a safe controlled environment. The lowest price package is $200 and that’s not really my thing. So while they do that I might go to the Pinball Museum.

It sure looks reputable, doesn’t it?


Another thing I want to do is see the Gold And Silver Pawn Shop, made famous by the TV show Pawn Stars.


I know I won’t see Chumlee there but It would still be cool. That all leads into this week’s discussion topics.

1. Have you ever been to Vegas? What was it like? I know what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas but we’re all friends here.

2. Have you ever gotten lucky and won big at a casino?

If neither of those topics interest you then feel free to discuss whatever your heart desires.


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I was trying to find songs from famous musicians associated with Las Vegas. Then i remembered this was a video game blog. Luckily YouTube came to my rescuse and delivered me a playlost of songs from Fallout New Vegas.I hope you all enjoy and have a great evening.