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A weird impulse led me to play Zeno Clash, or what I call, the wildest acid trip in the imagination of a game studio. This is how I picture this game coming to life, Team Ace is composed mainly of 3 brothers from Chile. They went to party one night, received a coctail of mushrooms, acids, cocodryle (don't look for it). A concoction which was previously offered to Ishman, Lord of Lords and then in the middle of the trip in which they were transported to a land where the main lifeform that ruled there was composed of skittles and rainbows, one of them said: "Hey I just thought of this fabulous game in which a family is given birth by a character which is their Father and Mother at the same time, and looks like a gigantic crow with glowing eyes but also has human like appearance with a bird-like voice"

Like that Zeno Clash came to be...I think this is the wildest game I've played in my life, nothing makes sense. There is no minding of races looking alike, or things being harmonious, its simply a madfest of whatever came to their minds in the moment and they sketched it and said YES, this is crazy enough to be in the game.

Which leads me to ask you guys...What has been the craziest game you have played?

Also I bought a 3DS (yay) and will get tomodachi yes!!!!