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What if it was today? The zombie apocalypse, what if you were playing your favorite 3DS dating sim, that you feel ashamed to talk about and then suddenly CNN said that mayor cities in the world have been overtaken by zombies, the running type of zombies we find in L4D2.

I was contemplating this idea while I was guiding an able group of young men today in installing some techy stuff at my job. What would I do if suddenly zombies entered the building, how would I react? Would I break the glass to grab the emergency axe (there is no axe in my job, but I will try to install one) or will I run like a little 13 year old girl.

I need to ask you tonight TAY, something of utter importance:

If the zombie apocalypse was today, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR WEAPON OF CHOICE!?!?!

I come to you TAY, so that you can reflect today, so that you can be ready for the fated day of the Zombie Apocalypse.


Also I really like Greek Yogurt, being the honey flavored my favorite.

I will be here with you my loved community. I haven't been as much this week because new job, which is great, but I will surely be more next week.


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