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I'm really feeling it!
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Graveyard Shift - The Failures

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Failures...we have many. I remember my first failure, it happened when I was expelled from my mothers womb...Just kidding.

But I still have many. Growing up, mommy always made me learn new stuff, like the piano, until my professor told her I sucked...I was 4. Then swimming, but I thought my Nintendo was funner, then guitar, but Nintendo 64 and PS1 happened. I failed at what others thought I should be, but when I follow what I like, I win...thats probably why I game so much, I'm just superb at it, any game (except fifa). My friends did not enjoy playing with me, because they failed at winning...


But still, something I learned is, life cannot be the sum of failures, the past cannot be your present, we get to be the best we can NOW, so lets start winning.

The worst failure I remember is me walking in school, acting cool with my burger and then suddenly I felt, my face was on the ground, my school pants ripped, and the girl I loved was in front of me...she looked, blushed, and left...I could feel her laughter as she walked behind me. My heart was scarred...but yeah today I'm married to a beautiful and intelligent woman that cannot see me game for more than 3 minutes cuz she gets bored (she loves castle crashers btw).


BTW the pic I choose for this post, is similar to how I fell down.

What has been the worst failure experience in your life?

You can always talk about whatever, like how bad your lunch was today, or that platinum trophy you just got...



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