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Gravity Rush Anime Info and Gravity Rush 2 Gamplay Stream

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During the 27 hours live stream, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan provided new details on the Gravity Rush anime as well as details for Gravity Rush 2.



  • The anime will depict the several months between Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2.
  • A very good production company is working on the anime, and it will release in 2016.

Gravity Rush 2

  • With gravity action as the priority, all elements of the game are being brushed up.
  • The key phrase is “Lively Action.” They want to defeat the coped up feeling of the Japanese games industry.
  • The setting is a town with an ethnic atmosphere such as South America or Southeast Asia.
  • They’re preparing asynchronous communication features such as sending photos taken in the game to friends.
  • The town swings through the air as if it’s floating on a wave. You’ll also get to enjoy catastrophic experiences such as the giant town turning into an enemy.
  • The variation of enemies including humans and machines have increased.
  • All the main characters from the previous game will appear.
  • Raven will appear as a partner and a reliable ally who uses special moves at the same times you do.
  • The times you’ll fight with Raven are essentially story-based, so you cannot freely call her at any time. But because a lot of people want to play as Raven, they’re looking into it very seriously.
  • You can switch between three gravity characteristics through the “Attribute Tune” system: the normal style from the first game, the lighter and quicker Lunar style (high mobility without consuming gravity energy), and the heavier and more powerful Jupiter style (slower movement and the ability to guard).
  • There’s a “Photo Mode” where you can freely arrange various objects, create scenery, and take pictures of Kat with optional filters.
  • The size of the field is 2.5 times that of the previous game. Background gimmicks and the number of missions have also increased. They’ve set a goal for 50 side missions.
  • While it’s difficult to quantify the overall development progress, about 30 to 40 percent of the gimmicks have been produced.
  • The game will have an “alternate dimension” that is abundant in variety.
  • Panoramas and global feel are a couple of the thoughts that went into Gravity Rush 2. White clouds, blue skies, and such work well with the lighting processing of PlayStation 4.
  • The main volume of the game is greater than that of the previous game, which lasted 20 to 25 hours. There will also be side elements available after you beat the game.
  • You can enjoy the story even if you didn’t play the previous game, but will enjoy it more if you did. There might also be something prepared for those who have save data from the first game.
  • Koehei Tanaka, who worked on the music for the first game, is composing the music for the sequel. It will have a more global feel this time.
  • They’re putting a lot of effort into the voice overs for the game, including discussions with Raven. The game will use an original language, and they imagine it will be fun to imagine what they’re talking about.
  • As for Photo Mode, there is a system called “Photo Ghost.” You’ll be able to find something transparent in town, which you can valuate by “liking” it. You’ll also be able to share it on Twitter.
  • The game is not compatible with PlayStation VR.
  • As for online elements, you can give hints to friends regarding treasure boxes through photos, and they’re also considering a time attack element. Time attack would not only be rankings, but you’d compete against a ghost. You’d be able to send it to a friend in the form of a challenge. They’re considering online elements to play after you beat the game.
  • They want to make Gravity Rush into a series that will not fade even after 20 years.
  • There will be more costumes than the previous game. They’re thinking of things like Halloween costumes.
  • There will be downloadable content. They want to do something different from the previous game.


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