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This week's debate: early morning hatred. A battle of the cups. Caffeine vs. caffeine. A DUEL OF DRINKS.

Sorry for the delay between posts, last two weeks have been crazy at work.

I'll be honest, I don't drink either of these in the morning or even on a regular basis because I'm some kinda freak of nature. BUT, that said, it's an interesting food topic, and one we must discuss. Here's some questions:

1. Coffee or tea? Plain and simple.

2. Favorite coffee or tea? How do you take your coffee? Black? Milk? Half and half? Sugar? And what kind of tea? Green? Earl grey?


3. How often do you consume it? Every day? What time of the day? How many cups?


A. Do you ever switch? I've heard this is the best way to get the best-caffeine experience. But I wouldn't know.

B. Best brands? For coffee people, what coffee-maker do you have?

C. If you don't drink either, what do you do to wake yourself up in the morning?



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