I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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We've all been there. You might not like it, it might not be particularly good for you, but I'm sure we've all had it. FAST FOOD. Now, the term "Fast Food" is pretty broad, so I'm going to have to throw down some limitations on what we can qualify to spark heated an ongoing discussion.


The general rules to follow for this discussion are:

1a. Must have a drive-thru


1b. Food must be done "Fast" (I'll say within ~3 minutes)


2. Must be reasonably spread out (not in just three locations— coastal/regional chains are OK)


For instance, these rules would disqualify anything like Five Guys or AppleChiliFriday.

SO, questions for this debate:

1. What is the single best fast-food item? (Include where it's from!)

2. What establishment has the best variety? (Where can I get a good salad and also a burger and maybe also a pizza from?)


3. Who has the best dessert? (Frosties? Cinnamon sticks?)


A. Which place really has the best fries?

B. What was the worst experiment for a menu item? (Taco Bell breakfast?)

Feel free to share any stories you have about fast food as well— always something interesting to be said when it comes to FOOD.


Great Food Debate will return to it's normal schedule next Monday. I posted waaay too much yesterday and don't want to crowd the space.

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