I'm really feeling it!

In this week's food debate, we buy a condiment condominium: the tale of a boy and his dips.

If you asked me this question as a kid, I'd say salsa for sure. I hated the texture of chickpeas [garbanzo beans, whatever] and just couldn't do it. Couldn't eat anything related to that.


Then I discovered hummus. GLORIOUS, GLORIOUS hummus. It's quickly become my go-to snack-dip-thing of choice. And chickpeas? TURNS OUT they are pretty delicious in a salad.

But on the other hand, I still think salsa might be a safer party choice, and it also has the spicy element. Know a lot of people that dislike hummus, but not too many that dislike salsa.

Discuss! Here's the questions up for this week's debate:

1. What's the better dip? Straight to the point, plain and simple.

2. Best snack for your preferred dip? Pita chips? Bread? Pretzels? Vegetables? Crackers? Brands are cool too, if you are into that.


3. Best food that incorporates them as an element? For example: burritos can have salsa. Wraps can have hummus. OR BOTH?


A. Aside from these two, what's the best dip? Mmm, artichoke dip.

B. Share your best dip recipe! Whether it be one you created yourself, or your online go-to when making a good one.


Let's hear it! I'll be sure to probably fold and agree with you. Since I'm all into that positivity. And be sure to check out other food debates!


Henshin-a-go-go, baby!

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