I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Today in food: a different kind of debate.

Going to switch it up and cover something new this week rather than comparing two specific items. Let's hear about your shopping habits, shall we?


Questions for this week:

1. Do you generally buy organic or inorganic food? Plain and simple.

2. Why is that your preference? Why do you buy organic/not-organic? Cost-effective? Better for the environment? For the taste? Don't care either way?


3. Where do you buy your food from? Supermarket? Peapod/Home Delivery? Farmer's market? Maybe you own a farm?


A. What type of foods do you make sure to buy one way or the other? Milk? Certain vegetables? (Some people will only buy certain products that are organic, but inorganic for others)


B. How long has this been your preference? Did your parents give you one or the other, and then you kept up the tradition? Consciously make the switch?

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