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Great Food Debate: Spooktacular Foodtacular

Happy Halloween! This week we discuss the holiday that's 3spooki5me.

Halloween is a holiday that's both loved and hated. Love eating candy (especially you, seasonal candy corn), but hate what it all does to you. Nobody likes a candy hangover. Or putting on weight. Costumes are also great! One of the most creative times of the year.


Questions for this week's discussion:

1. What's the best Halloween chocolate? (know we've done chocolate in the past, but Halloween demands a new brand of hero chocolate)

2. What's the best Halloween fruity-thing? (Jolly Ranchers, Starburst, Skittles, etc.)

3. What's the best sour OR mint OR gum candy? (the narrower schools of candy that don't distinctly fit into the previous two (can be a mix like Junior Mints or Warheads))



A. Best way to cure a Halloween hangover / candy overload? (mommmmmmmmmmmm my tummy hurttttts)


B. What's your favorite non-candy food to have on Halloween? (Sometimes if I'm feeling creative / having people over I'll make "Mummy Hot Dogs / Sausages" which are essentially those items wrapped in a croissant-shaped 'mummy bandage.')

C. What's the best Halloween song? Or spooky story?

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