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Grey Goo - An RTS Worth Your Attention

Kind of a chilling CG trailer for a game that I don't think has gotten nearly enough attention, despite coming out on the 23rd of this month.

Anyone remember that episode of Gargoyles when they were younger, with the liquidy nanomachines that threaten to consume everything, and take over? Well I suppose that is what most media where nanomachines have a mind of their own tend to do.


Well this looks to make that concept an RTS, where one of the 3 assymetric factions are these volatile little buggers.

The first faction here being the Beta:

Basically the dirtier industrious alien guys, with a good deal of artillery, napalm bombing aircrafts, turret manned walls, and a super unit hovering military base that garissons more turrets on top of building new ground units and firing mini-nuke rockets.

Second are the Humans:

A little bit of a twist, the humans look like the more technologically enlightened faction, with only a single home base you expand out from like a hive, leaving your supply lines something you have to defend, but getting handy stuff like teleportation, and the super unit in the launch trailer with the giant laser beam.


Lastly the Grey Goo:

Differing from the stationary central human base, the Grey Goo are a constantly moving liquid swarm of base, consuming resources to break off itself, and form units as needed. Or just be a giant blob that consumes other units, and WHOLE bases if desired.


I see the Command and Conquer legacy from the Ex-Westwood devs, with the Grey Goo faction mechanics, and the reactive AI that adjust their unit composition to deal with players, looking to add to that formula.

Not advocating a pre-order or anything, but it at least looks like an interesting game worth paying attention to, and seeing if it delivers on release.

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