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Gooooood morning TAY! Wake up, get out of bedm grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and come talk to me... (cause I’m feeling lonely D:)

It’s a new week and a new Monday where we will talk about everything and nothing cause that’s how we roll. With the recent (official) release of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp I have found myself mindlessly grinding out levels in anticipation of getting an animal I actually like...

So far I’ve got this weird-ass creepy medical practitioner frog:

Just look at him...


More importantly, why am I grinding out in a game that clearly hates me? Just the other day it asked me to fish out 5 red snappers, do you know how difficult that is? And, you might be wondering, what was the reward for that task... Three satchels of friendship powder...

Ugh... let’s move on.

Today’s weird-ass questions are brought you by that frog who is definitely leaving a surgical utensil inside of you next time you go to the operation table:

  • Which games you find yourself grinding out aimlessly expecting that the time wasted will eventually be rewarded?
  • Who’s your least favorite character in any game? How about in the Animal Crossing series?
  • What is friendship? Can you ground it to make a fine powder that you can distribute is as if it were illegal drugs?
  • Do you want to be my friend so I can eventually convert you into a fine dust and then resell it for 100 bells?
  • Where in the world am I?

Today’s song is in line with today’s weird topic:

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