The Rock Pokemon

Rock/Ground Type

Today's work is courtesy of yours truly working in crunch time after an early morning emergency visit to the hospital! Long story short, I tore my chest/pec muscles from SNEEZING (I can produce gusts of wind that mimic a tornado, hence Stormborn! Jk, no one ever calls me Stormborn IRL, they just call me 'hey you, with the face!') and it messed up my breathing passages and what not. I'm doing much better than I was last night and there's no need to worry. Just gotta rest up for a good week. I also got an inhaler, something I've always dreamed of having. Yes, I am a weird person but you should know that by now!

Let's begin!

Geo…Dude? Really Nintendo? You went with DUDE!? That is hilariously bad. Might as well call him Boulderbro…Wait, that's…No…I see it now…GeoDUDE. Nintendo, you're a genius!


Just kidding, Geodude is a pretty horrible name. However, his design and the concept of a living rock is a lot of fun to break down! Actually, although these Pokemon aren't particularly my favorites, I have been looking forward to this line for a long time! This family line has so much potential in exercising creative ideas, and I guarantee you will all enjoy what I've got planned for the rock Pokemon!


So yeah, this concept of Geodude is essentially a more "realistic" version of the original. I have his eyes glowing a fiery orange that burns from inside his body - representing the core that powers the Pokemon. This mimics the giant rock he is born from - the planet and the earth itself is born from.


How I imagine Geodude and his ability to float is simple magnetism and workings of the planet's gravitational pull. How he builds up his body is simply melding with rocks and precious metals. The heat from inside his body acts as a means to weld and melt rocks onto his physique. He is sturdy, rugged, and craggy, and matches his hard-headed personality.

The piece is treated with a realistic approach, but has enough fun and personality with the exaggeration of the concept of a floating rock with fists that calls himself a dude. That said, it took some energy, dedication, and all my concentration through meds to get this done. I tried my best to apply lighting as best as I could for all the faces of the rock and place them in an artistic and aesthetically pleasing way…I'm very proud of this piece and getting it done under these circumstances. You know I'm not about to miss 75 days of illustration without missing because of an ER vist! I gets it done! Enjoy your weekend folks, and see you on Monday!




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