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I've been wanting to exercise my writing skills, but I haven't had anything in mind to write about. Then suddenly, I realized I didn't need to wait for anything to come to me, I could just write about the mundane and try and give it some emotion. So here's my latest SupremeStory, by SupremeEvan, titled Grunt Work.

* * * * * *

The old stained window blinds reflected an orange glow into the office. The whirring of countless computers helped drown out the tapping of fingers, feet and pens. Evan was thankful for that. Nothing would make a Wednesday afternoon drag on more than an endless repetitive noise constantly picking away at one's sanity.


"What? There's a new coffee machine? What are the flavours?" People in the office always got so excited over such mediocre things. It was like he was living the stereotype. Everything was so grey, and there were cubicle walls as far as the eye could see.

Today's remedial task was changing a list of values to reflect another list of values. Highlight, CTRL+C, highlight, CTRL+V. Lines upon lines, Evan's hands began to cramp. He sat back in his chair, and remembered how much happier he was the day before, when he wasn't working in a robotic fashion. The memory seemed to slip away as he stared back at his screen.

He needed a break, but he knew that if he took one, he was only prolonging his misery.

"Kevin?" a man poked his head over the half-wall, peering into Evan's only personal space available in a cramped office space. There was a water bottle, an iPhone and a half-eaten Nutri-grain bar. So much for making it his own.


"It's Evan" he mumbled back, annoyed that he's had to say this every time for the past 3 months.

"Right, sorry." He wasn't sorry. "I've got a problem that's come up, but I'm really swamped. You think you could take a look at it for me?"


"Yeah, no problem." IT WAS A PROBLEM. Why did he keep doing this to himself, Evan thought. He was already busy doing his grunt work, plus he had a backlog of projects growing to be the size of a mountain. It was a blessing and a curse. As his boss gained more confidence in Evan's abilities, his work load would constantly increase.

Evan joined in chorus with the several others, scattered around the office, and began to tap his pen while he thought about what to do next.


Deciding to stick with his current work, he pressed on. I've only got a few dozen more lines to go, it won't be too bad, he thought. And it really wasn't. Before he knew it, he had reached the bottom of the page, and his list of values really did reflect another list of values. Although he was a little late on the project, he was glad to finally have it done. Just as he felt a wave of calmness wash over, he watched the bob of his boss's head approach closer. The theme of Jaws played in his head. More work? Stay late?

"Hey Evan" his words cut deep, Evan was ready to accept his fate. "Whenever you finish up what you're currently working on, you're free to head home. You've been pretty busy lately, and I know you've got that big 'Go Live' coming up, so I want you to get some rest away from work."


Trying to keep his jaw from hitting the floor, "Thank you. I'll finish up what I'm doing and then head out."

"Perfect, keep up the good work!" and with that his boss spun around and bobbed back to his desk, 4 rows away. Is there really a God?


Now it was Evan's turn to pop his head over the cubicle wall. "Dave?" as much as he wanted to say the wrong name, he could never bring himself to do it, "I won't be able to take that work from you actually. I'm heading home and won't be in the office."

"Oh. Uh. Okay, yeah, no problem" watching him frantically close his Google Chrome window, displaying WoW Forums, and scramble to find the words to re-accept his own task made Evan's day.


"See you tomorrow!"

Now it was time for Evan to get home and pop in his newly purchased copy of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. Hyrule isn't going to save itself!

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