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Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon (Mobile Game) + Wallpaper

In what should be a surprise to no one, there is a mobile game to tie into the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. But there are a couple suprises with this game.

1) You can sync your game across Android & iOS devices (but you have to use your Facebook account to do so).

2) There are no in-app purchases and a network connection isn't required to play.


That last bit is probably because this one is directly from Disney/Marvel games. So not only is it an actual scroller and not an endless runner with a in-app purchases of up to $99 like Gameloft's Iron Man 3, but what you pay up front is all you pay. And for once, Windows Phone doesn't get left out. Hit up the Disney Games site, click on the Buy Now button and select your platform.

Sadly, I didn't read about the $2 sale happening this past weekend, and it's back up to $5, but I tend to get a lot more play on the $5 games I buy for Android than the $60 games I've bought for the PS3, so it's still a deal as far as I'm concerned.

There's a quick review on Phandroid, which is where I first read about this (Kotaku has a review from their Australia site but not the US one).


And Phandroid also had some wallpaper they scoured the interwebz for. The hero shot one has a nice Star Wars look to it.


**Note: although the game itself doesn't require a network connection, all Amazon apps require you to be signed into your Amazon account through their App Store app, so keep that in mind if you go that route.

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