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Guided Fate Paradox

Renya Kagurazaka isn't very lucky, at least not when lotteries are concerned. He's never even won a candy bar in his 17 years. However, his luck is changing. Drastically.


He's won a lottery, and his prize is Godhood. Liliel Saotome, his personal angel, gives him this gift and he doesn't see the benefits in becoming Godhead. Really doesn't remind me of being a 17 year old male at all.

"I can't wrap my mind around it. I am now God." Yes, it would be a stupefying calamity. But Kagurazaka continues on. Meeting new angels who say things like "Nice too meet you, God." From the team that made Hour of Darkness I honestly feel more of the jokes land in this game. Angels dressed as anime maids/butlers representing character archetypes, Liliel even has to tell him to not act like a "transfer student". The game is just too funny.

"Just act confident as the Almighty Father. Once more, Lord. With confidence!"

But what is God's task? This is a game, isn't it? As Liliel says "So, Lord... Just as a formal confirmation, have you had any experience as God before?"


As God, you the player, must fulfill the wishes of the world. And to fulfill wishes you have to do some dungeon crawling. What? Your ears perked up? What if I also sweetened the deal, like, oh I don't know, by saying the word rogue-like? Well I guess it's a compound word. Still, pretty sweet right? And doesn't this picture look like a bizarre version of FF Tactics early fight with the thieves?


So, turn based dungeon-crawling in a rogue-like setting. Lots of humor , a great art direction and good voice acting. I hope my impressions of the game have piqued those of you that needed piquing. Though if you need piquing that's probably something to see a medical professional about. Just saying.

The Guided Fate Paradox was released by NIS America today in stores and as a digital download.

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