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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed your weekends. I worked all of mine, but at least I don't have to go back in until Friday, so that's cool. Continuing the guilty pleasures series, I have a topic we all know and love: food. Everyone likes food, food makes you feel happy (at least it does with me!). I want to know those foods where you immediately afterwards go "oh god, what did I just do to myself?" The foods where you can feel the health leaving your body by just looking at them. Here are some of my absolute favorite horror-snacks, show me yours! (or just food porn is cool too)

5. Americanized chinese/mexican food


Ah, nothing opens up the serotonin valves quite like MSG. That beautiful, addictive substance that causes food to taste delicious and give you Alzheimers! Americanized Chinese and Mexican food go hand in hand, because generally these "ethnic" restaurants can be found on just about every street corner, and yet suspiciously enough, all their menus taste and look extremely similar. Personal favorites of each: combination dinners at Mexican places (Two burritos, rice and beans pl0x), and Mongolian chicken at Chinese places. Fun fact, I used to work in a Chinese restaurant that my buddy's family owned. It wasn't too bad, 8 bucks an hour and a daily free lunch.

4. Breyer's Oreo Mint Ice Cream

I present to you the greatest ice cream that I have ever tasted, and I've eaten a lot of ice cream; fancy restaurant ice cream, crap off-off brand "ice cream," I've tried a ton, and this takes the cake. Breyer's is the only brand of store-bought ice cream I like, and they just happen to be one of the cheaper ones. Also, their ingredients (minus the ones that contain cookie pieces and such) are actually made of ice cream, and not HFCS mixed with lake blue 34 and cyanide.

3. Strawberry Cheesecake


I am extremely picky with cheesecake. If chocolate or caramel touches it, I will not eat it. I like my cheesecake plain, or with an extremely simple fruit glaze. It's too delicate of a dessert to top with mountains of hot fudge and the entirety of the grocery store fruit section, that is for ice cream, not cheesecake. The best I've had is from a fancy Cajun style restaurant called Copeland's.

2. Pizza


Pizza, I imagine that quite a few replies will contain it. So delicious, so salty, so many bad and good feels all rolled into one sitting. One slice turns to two, three, eventually a whole pizza. I like mine with pepperoni, black olives, and ham.

1. A Wendy's Triple.


No further explanation is necessary. I like mine with cheese, onions, and mayo.

Have at it, friends. <3

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