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Guilty Pleasures: Music

Hello everyone, I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed your weekends. Today was a pretty good day for me, being my birthday and whatnot, although I unfortunately didn't get to see my girlfriend for it this year which is kind of a downer. Anyway, enough about me, as I have had inspiration strike today for a few articles over the next couple of days or weeks.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? I'm sure you do, we all do. Today, I ask you to tell me your top 5 (or as few or many as you would like) guilty pleasures in the music world. Either particular songs or even a specific artist, doesn't matter to me. Music that doesn't necessarily embarrass you (or perhaps it does!), but ones that you wouldn't necessarily want your friends walking in on you rocking out to it. I'll get right to it!


1. Dido

I love Dido. I've liked her music even as a little kid in the late 90's. She has such a soothing voice, and almost all of her songs are catchy. Any time one of her songs come on, the windows instantly come rolling down (well, my one working window) and the volume shoots straight up. I even sing along! :D

2. The song "My Old Friend" by Tim McGraw

Growing up in the Southeast, I was forced to always listen to country music as a kid. I know the lyrics to hundreds and hundreds of country songs that I would never give a second listen to, both out of spite for not wanting to fit into my heritage, and also simply because I didn't like the songs. This song, though, is a sad but sweet song with a really relaxing tune and fantastic guitar. It just sounds so pretty I can't help but like it.


3. A select few sappy, cheesy country love songs

God, these songs. The ones that they would play during the slow dancing part of a prom in the late 80's. The ones that are so overtly sweet and sappy that they could make you hurl. Alas, being the hopeless romantic that I can be sometimes, I can't help to like some of them. My favorite is the one posted above, but there are 2 or 3 more in addition that are pretty much the same thing.


4. Genki Rockets - "Heavenly Star"

I can blame this on No More Heroes, the fantastic arcade-y hack n' slasher released a few years ago for the Wii. This was the music that played in the various stores located in the game's overworld. The song is just too catchy.


5. Primus

Primus is a one-of-a-kind wacky rock band formed in the early 90's. Les Claypool is a legendary bassist, and he also acts as the band's lead singer. All of their music videos are incredibly weird (Mr. Krinkle easily taking the cake). Their lyrics are crazy, silly, and fantastic....although I can only take listening to them every once in a blue moon.


So there you go! Depending on interest, expect to see a couple of different topics on the subject in the coming days.

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