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Hey TAY, Kcet here with my new article chronicling my escapades in learning how to play guitar. (Thanks to GBD for the title of the article.) My weapons of choice in this endeavor are my Rock Band Fender Squier:


and a copy of Rocksmith 2014 for the 360..... also a pick and the Realtone cable that is required for the guitar signal to be picked up in the game. (Its basically a usb to guitar jack cable) Thus tethering me to my xbox, a like so: * I forgot to take a pic, <_<

Because the game still uses a controller to navigate menus, you'll need that handy as well.( Or if you are like me and originally bought the guitar for learning use through Rock Band, you probably have the midi adapter control that you could most likely use as well since you can attach it to the controller.) That being said I have a kinect, and with RS2014 they added kinect support, so forget everything I just said, I will be trying that out for the most hands free approach possible... you know... other than using them to play guitar.

Quick aside for those of you who aren't aware what exactly Rocksmith is. I guess at this point its safe to say that Rocksmith is a series? franchise? with two games out now, the original Rocksmith, and as of last year Rocksmith 2014. Its not so much a game as it is a digital trainer of sorts. It teaches you basic and advanced lessons on guitar skills/techniques, maintaining your guitar, and more basic things like how to hold a pick. Of course it also has a collection of various songs throughout the years to practice and learn, as well as additional songs via DLC. (Protip: If you have a bass, the game has you covered. Additionally if you don't you can have the game treat your guitar as a emulated bass, you could learn both if you wanted!)

So last week I put out the original post about starting this article and the songs I will be working on are:

  • Time is Running Out- Muse
  • My Generation- The Who
  • (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction- The Rolling Stones

Allow me to go over what you are seeing here for each song. This is the menu that shows up before each song showing you basic info such as artist, title, number of times played, song length, and tuning. It also shows feed back of varying levels. The bars on the top are the sections of the song. They start at the halfway if you haven't played that song before and as you improve each section it goes up until it turns purple, at which point you are working on playing the same notes as the actual song. Next to the song title, the percentage in the yellow-orange-ish color shows your current mastery of a song, which is how close you are to playing the song note for note.

You may also note at the top right corner it says "lead." Most songs allow you to work on a lead guitar or rhythm guitar part (this can be switched in the my path menu, as well as switch to playing bass) Lastly the area below the song title that says "Rocksmith recommends" is where the game will show you three things that it suggests to work on to improving your performance on the song. These range from things like working on getting a certain overall accuracy while playing a song or reviewing a lesson for a technique used in the song, to playing a mini game related to a technique to help improve or using the riff repeater to work on a section that you had trouble with, by slowing it down and working your way up to full speed. Usually if you try a song you haven't played before the first recommend will simply be to play the song so it can detect what needs work.


I'll be working on them as well as working on other lessons, as well as practicing techniques via the Guitarcade minigames. I'll be working on this at least as long as the Run Club is going on. I'll be posting my progress once a week hopefully showing some decent progress. I'd like to possibly post video at some point, but as I mentioned in the previous article, I don't have a capture device, or a decent camera, so at most it'd be a phone video.

As a side note, one of the things I think is cool about RS14' is that they have been including Asian artists on the disc as well as dlc in addition to whatever artist pack is available that week. For instance on the disc they have a song by B'z and some of the Dlc they've come out with were by Hotei, One OK Rock, and others with the most recent, (last weeks) Saw 2 songs by 9mm Parabellum Bullet, alongside that week's Oasis pack.


If any of you have any questions, suggestions for writing this article (or just writing), or what have you, leave a comment here, or on my ConTAYct page over on Ataraxian Dragoon.


Lastly I'll leave you with a video, which today is a Two-fer this time. With Hotei and Miyavi doing what they do, and having fun while doing it.

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