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Guitarmageddon!!! (Part the second)

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the second installment of Guitarmageddon. This episode will mostly discuss my progress since last week So let's get started.

I started strong at the beginning of the week, but due to attempting to get used to my overnight work schedule, and some home related work I had to do, I didn't get to practice as much as I would have liked this week. That being said, I did make some progress last week, and hope to improve more this week as well as actually practice skills in some of the minigames like I said I would.


Starting with The Who, I made a decent amount of progress on the song, getting 92.2% of the full song, up from last week's 85.9%. As you can see from the top bar, I've gotten to the point where I'm working on the song note for note, except in one area where I haven't gotten there quite yet. The reason for that is it jumps back and forth across a few frets and has some bends.

So this one is a bit iffy as it says 100.9% which is up from 81.5%, but I haven't managed to play it all the way through. There are 3 sections of the song that aren't the usual riff everyone knows from the song, and I can do the first one fine. The next two start the same, but end up having a bit different note structure that mess me up here and there. It jumps up and down the strings on the 2 frets being used and my fingers will trip up occasionally. Other than that, this one is coming along well.


So Time is Running Out is the one that needs the most work, out of the three it is the most complicated note wise. The others were mostly notes, where as this has notes and chords, as well as uses more frets than the other two songs. My percentage went up slightly from 43.2 %, but progress is progress. My main stump here is some of the parts that use the high strings (the skinnier ones) as they are hard for me to feel sometimes.


Currently besides playing the songs over and over, the best option for me to advance is to take the parts I have trouble with and play them in the riff repeater with the speed lowered so I can get used to the notes.

I plan on working more on these songs this week, and depending on how I do, I might swap My Generation and Satisfaction out, with other songs to continue working on skills through variety. That being said, I have a question for you guys: I've mentioned that I'd only be able to record video with my phone at this time, but do you want me to record some footage so you can see how I'm doing? I'm thinking if I do, it will be with the sound muted so you can see the gameplay, but hear me playing and get an idea of my progress. Any thoughts?


As usual, you can reach me here with comments, and suggestions for the article (and it's presentation) or on my ConTAYct page. Till next week, I'll be seein ya.

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