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Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost officially released!! SHOTOCLONES INBOUND

Good News: Yeah it's 4:20 AM Tokyo Time right now but it's already out. Play-Asia has shipped out their copies and I'm awaiting mine from GameplayLB. Excited and hyped!!

Bad news: Chinese hackers have hacked their bought copies of the game. Future DLC robots ARE ALL 95% SHOTOCLONES. Not in disc, but ALL SHOTOCLONES.


List as follows
Doan's Zaku II (0079 The Origin, shotocloning Ridden and Matsunaga's Zakus), Kamille's Gundam Mk-II Titans version (From the first arc of Zeta, actually a returning character from Gundam VS Gundam Next+), Haman's Acguy (Possibly from ZZ, cloning Akahana's Acguy), Roux Louka's Zeta Gundam (Inherited from Kamille in ZZ, shotocloning Kamille's own Zeta Gundam), Iino's Zeta Zaku (ZZ, TRIPLE SHOTOCLONE), Elle's Gundam Mk-II (Inherited from Emma in ZZ, also shotocloning Kamille's Mk-II), Marbet's Victory Gundam Hexa (Victory Gundam, shotocloning Uso's Victory Gundam), Shiro's Ground-Type Gundam (08th MS Team, also a returning character), Poe's SUMO (Turn-A, shotocloning Harry's GOLD SUMO), Gato's Gelgoog (0079 MSV, shotocloning Char's Gelgoog), Patrick's GN-XII (Gundam 00, no shotoclones despite the robot being a NPC enemy), Lunamaria's Impulse Gundam (SEED Destiny, shotocloning Shinn's Impulse Gundam), Waltfeld's Gaia Gundam (SEED Destiny, shotocloning Stella's Gaia Gundam). And the already mentioned Lacus' Infinite Justice Gundam (SEED Destiny, shotocloning Athrun's IJ), Quatro's Wing Gundam Zero (Wing TV, shotocloning Heero's Wing Zero), Ridden's and Matsunaga's Zaku-II's, shotocloning each other.

TLDR: As a GameFAQs member said in the boards for this game, attack of the clones. Bad plan, Namco-Bandai!!

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