I'm really feeling it!

If you’ve played Gundam’s VS series, it may give you some background on this post. Like Street Fighter (Before SFV, hopefully), and modern Tekken and its knack for Arcade expansions (Akuma in Fated Retribution, folks), Gundam’s Extreme VS series has gone to another level of insanity. It started in the original Extreme VS, then Full Boost, then Maxi Boost.

The expansion features the Barbatos from the highly popular Iron-Blooded Orphans, the G-Self, Mask’s Mack Knife and AGE-FX from the least popular G-Reco and AGE respectively and two new Extreme Gundams. I’m more interested in the latter two because one looks feminine with pink and the other is hopefuly Gackt in a robot once again.


That said, PS3/4 port, please and thank you, Bamco.

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