1- Gundam the Origin will be an OVA series (Meaning a movie a few months to a year). 1st movie coming out in 2015 will be about the fall of Zeon Dum Deikun, the rise of the Zabi family, the establishment of the Republic of Zeon and Char and Sayla's childhoods before they become enemies. As with the manga, the Guntanks will march into the movie.

2- The new Gundam anime on TV is Reconquista of G. New timeline, new pilot, new robots, artwork seems similar to the Eureka 7 franchise.

3- Nothing new with Gundam Unicorn finale except the theme song of the finale.

4- Bandai is planning drafts on incorporating Gundam into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Bandai will be bringing Gundam artworks in certain skyscrapers next year.


5- Yoshiyuki Tomino jovially speaks out about his franchise and his assistance with Reconquista of G.