I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

After Gundam Unicorn, the Gundam franchise will go back the past and onto the One Year War!! Gundam: The Origin, the manga remake of the 0079 anime, will be an OVA series starting next year!!

Illustration for article titled Gundam: The Origin artworks up!!

Crunchyroll has lots of artwork!

The first episode, Blue-Eyed Casval, explores the backstory of Char and Sayla, the death of their father Zeon Dum Deikun and the rise of the Republic of Zeon. Familiar characters like the Zabi family (with a new sibling in their ranks) and popular character Ramba Ral will appear, as well as the prototype Guntanks and Char's Zaku!!

Hoping for progress on this artwork, who's going to portray Sayla this time and SIEG ZEON!!

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