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Sometimes we use apps or the most used pen and paper to keep track of our habits, todos, etc. It's a way to organize ourselves that has been used since way earlier than you might think off. But even by traditional means, we tend to get bored of how we keep track of what we do and what we need to get done. There is a solution for that, which may help you or it may not, but I can say it has really helped me. Its called gamification, wikipedia defines it as follows:

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems.Gamification is applied to improve user engagement, return on investment, data quality, timeliness, and learning.


There is a tool which could change your perspective on how you accomplish things, its called HabitRPG. If you like video games and improving your lifestyle, this is the way to go. Now, HabitRPG has been covered on Lifehacker, but I will try to explain how great this app has evolved in this series, I will be writing about different aspects of this tool in maybe 3 or 4 articles.

Its important to know that habitrpg had a rough start, some server issues due to popularity and other stuff, but I'm happy to inform that HabitRPG has been greatly improved from such days. So, lets first define what we will be looking into in this part 1 in depth look:

Core Mechanics

Habitrpg mixes aspects of daily life with gaming mechanics. you can create habits, dailies, and to-dos which by completing give you experience, gold and drops (which we will discuss later on) in exchange to level up your Habitrpg character and buy rewards like armor, weapons or your very own created rewards like lets say 1 hour of video games. Every day you don't complete your dailies you loose HP, just like any awesome random encounter you've had on your favorite RPG. The less you fail to your tasks, the more HP your dailies take from you. The catch is that, you never increase your max HP when you level up, it always stays at 50, and if you slack and don't complete your stuff, "YOU WILL DIE, MORTAL", and a lot. In my personal experience I have used a looooooooot of task tracking apps, pen and paper also, etc. but nothing lets me have fun while becoming more productive than Habitrpg, but enough about me, lets break down what you can track:


Habits let you track activities that you want to create or maintain a habit from, for example, "read a certain book", "drink 8 glasses of water" or "no chat while driving" (I feel horrible for having that habit on my list lol). You can have positive habits, like drinking a glass of water which is always good, positive and negative habits which will give you experience if you hit the + sign and hit you if you click the - sign, so in the image example if I fail to code some project I am making, it would deduct some HP, and lastly the infamous negative habits, which only damage you. Its very important to know, Habitrpg runs on you being sincere.

The more you do a habit the bluer it gets, giving you less experience and gold, which is a good thing since it brings a sort of balance for cheaters. Habits also have advanced options like difficulty, for example, you can create a habit called do 10 pull ups, and set it to hard, which would nail you more experience, drops and gold. Another Advance option is tagging, so that you can sort tasks by tags. If you use habit like I do, you will soon have your entire life on it and tons of habits, todos and dailies, but by tagging them, you can activate/deactivate which categories you want to see at a given time, like work, home stuff, hobbies, etc. you name it.




Dailies are set tasks which you have to complete daily (duh!), if you don't it will take some HP from your character, and sooner or later you will die. The less you fail to complete your task they will turn red and well, they will hit harder, If I don't fight that lion, I will loose a lot of HP. You can set when your day ends on the options, so it would trigger your dailies on that time.

A new advanced options that you can set on dailies and todos is the ability to add checklists, as you can see in the image, which gives you more control and granularity on your tasks. You can also tag them and set the difficulty.


How hard they hit, drop rates, etc. have all been calculated by Math warriors, that contribute to this awesome platform, by the way you can also contribute to Habitrpg and receive cool bonuses like titles and gear but, we will check that later on.



The classic To-Dos list. We have all used it but some of us never decided which is the best platform to create them on, I myself have chosen Habitrpg. To-Dos work mostly the same as dailies, but they don't hit you for not completing them. The more they are in your queue, they more red they turn, but when you finally hit that complete check mark, be prepared for some great experience and gold.

It also has advanced options like difficulty, tags, and something very important on To-Dos, due dates.




This is what all that gold you get for being productive gets you, you can create your own and also buy some nice equipment with attributes to hit tasks harder (turning them bluer faster), or loosing less HP when not completing dailies. But, but then I would be immortal with the right equipment you say? Well I have top tier equipment for my class (Rogue) and I have died many times, more now that quests have been implemented (more on that later)

Sorry I can't show you an image with equipment to be bought, since I have the top tier, but your character would look something like this:


Rogues get two weapons, and yes, I'm blue, you can buy skins and other things and help the developers.

Character Customization


You have many options to customize your character, as you can see from the party I belong two everyone has a different mount, skin color, clothing, and hairstyle. Some options are free and some are unlocked by a small donation or contributing in several aspects.


Beard customization is missing from the image, which is the most important one right? I mean, if you are a wizard without a beard, you are no wizard at all.

Well, this has been all for todays part 1 of this in depth look at this amazing tool. on the next edition we will look at pets/mounts, Classes & attreibutes, the inventory and the contributor system.


I hope you enjoy the webapp and it helps you as it has helped me to stay organize and level up my productivity.

Parts in the Series

Part 2 - Social Features





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