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HabitRPG In-Depth Look - Part 2 (Social Features)

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Hi, this is the second edition of the Habitrpg In-Depth look Series. Today we will be covering social aspects. Something that really works for me on keeping track and doing things I need to do, is accountability. Thankfully Habitrpg has a robust social system that lets you interact with others as you complete tasks.

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We will be looking at:

  • The Tavern
  • Parties
  • Quests & Bosses
  • Guilds
  • Challenges
  • The Hall

Ok, lets dig into it:

The Tavern

This place serves two purposes, first it works like an open forum/chat so you can ask questions and meet other Habitrpg users and also lets you rest at the inn. This is an important feature which you can use when on vacations or on days you think you will not be able to check your dailies (your party will be thankful you did if you are on a quest).


Party System

How could anything with RPG on it not have this. You can form a party with friends or others searching for one, which they usually post here. This opens Habitrpg to a bunch of new possibilities. First thing to notice is that parties as every other social feature gets a chat. Thanks to a new addition of a pretty cool toolbar every kind of chat gets notifications.


Every class in Habit, Rogue, Mage, Healer and Warrior has skills that can be shared with the party, for example, a Rogue can cast Tools of the Trade which in exchange raises every party member perception, a stat that causes more gold and drops to appear when completing tasks (I love loot, so I'm a Rogue).

Parties are an excellent way to get accountability for your tasks, my party is always checking if everyone is doing a good job with their dailies, since if we don't, Bosses will hit harder. So we use the party chat in which the bosses damage, skills used, and other useful information is always displayed.



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Illustration for article titled HabitRPG In-Depth Look - Part 2 (Social Features)

Now once you are in a party you can do quests (there is a way to create an empty party if you like to play on your own) which right now are fetch quests (get a certain amount of items from your dailies) and boss battles (do all your dailies so you hit the bosses hard). The funnest part about participating in quests is that it gives you exclusive loot. For example I own a Shade gryphon, which came from hatching a gryphon egg I got from killing it on a quest.


You start a quest by using a quest scroll, which costs gems, but the developers are kind enough to give you scrolls at least once. So far I have never missed a quest, due to my party members investments or to developers giving out scrolls.


Guilds are places for people with interests in common to hangout. There are guilds for designers, developers, runners, lifehackers, Christians, you name it..there is probably a Guild out there you will enjoy (Which makes me think, we need a TAY guild, I will create it if there isn't one yet). Now with Guilds in place there is another cool feature I can introduce, Challenges.



Challenges are tasks created by the community for a guild or the tavern which users can subscribe to and compete for a given amount of gems. Challenges on Guilds uses Guild Gems to give out as the prize.


Once you subscribe to a challenge it will add habits, todos or dailies (it depends on what the challenge was created for) to your account, after a given time the challenge creator decides the winner. There are challenges for drinking water, promoting habitrpg, loosing weight, or whatever you can think of. For example I created a Challenge some time ago called "Less Gaming more productivity" Which focused on doing something productive instead of gaming all the time, it added a todo, "decide your productive task" and a daily called "Less gaming" which you would use when you actually did whatever you decided to do. There was also a reward that cost 20 gold off course called "2 hours of gaming because I can't take it". I lost at my own challenge, but used that reward a lot :)

The Hall

The hall is a place that features contributors and the backers the kickstarter had ( I will dedicate an article to contributors next week). I feel proud of being listed there as an ambassador, for getting the word out. I've made several promises in the past of squashing some bugs, but...yeah...games won't let me.


Well thats it for this edition of the HabitRPG In-Depth Look. Next time we will cover the contributor system, Character Classes, Inventory and Pets/mounts

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