I'm really feeling it!

It had Mario

And The Legend of Zelda.

But what else was good?


Now that’s much better!

Good God, the JRPGs!

Now to just play them…

The controller’s gross.

And so are those graphics... ew.

But those Zeldas? Wow.


Tons of great games here

First one I owned as a kid!

I missed the good ones…


Now Grandma can play!

Great Marios and Zeldas,

But mainly Wii Sports.


What’s this thing again?

All its games are on Switch now.

Why’s there an iPad?


Man, I love this thing.

It’s not really a console!

Zelda blew my mind.

Do I just judge Nintendo consoles based on how good their Zeldas are? I think I do.


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