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Halloween Comicfest 2013

This year was the inaugural Halloween Comicfest, essentially a second Free Comic Book Day for the year. I decided to go to my local comic book shop to check out.

Because it was Halloween themed, there were loads of peoples in costumes. Mostly kids. I didn't take many photos because unlike a con, I was a bit uncomfortable to ask the parents to photograph their children. The staff was dressed up as well.


There were a lot of free comics to choose from. I ended up getting Little Gotham, Itty Bitty Hellboy and My Little Pony. There was also a lot of Hobbit SWAG so I grabbed a keychain as well.

I ran around the store going 'Mahna Mahna' to people because I was determined to get that song stuck in people's head as much as possible. One guy when he saw me actually laughed so hard he fell down. There was also a lot of deals and discounts which I took advantage of, especially when I found these beauties:


I didn't win the costume contest, sadly. The winner was a little boy dressed as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and the guy dressed as Raistlin in the upper picture. The Jack Frost was actually really adorable, so he had every right to win. I did get a book for entering (Bone, v.8) though. However, I did pretty well in the trivia contest.


I got this figure for answering the question, "Name an actor who has played Dracula". Now the obvious answer was Bela Legosi. But after not sleeping my brain utterly blanked. I panicked but in the last second I managed to spit out Christopher Lee, an answer people were actually far more impressed with.


After a while I decided to leave the store since I started getting tired but I decided to stop by Toys R Us still in my costume since it was on my way to the bus stop. In the parking lot this little boy was just wailing his head off and his dad couldn't calm him down at all. I started singing Mahna Mahna and the kid immediately calmed down. That dad told me 'Thank you' with the biggest sigh of relief.

Over all the day was a lot of fun and I look forward to going again next year. I even have a new costume in mind

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