I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So, I too decided to hop onto the autumn bandwagon (hayride?) and totally got this neat idea. How about we host a special Halloween masquerade party, of sorts?

Originally, I thought about doing this little game where I'd contact one of you secretly and gave you a new burner account, so you could go around being yourself under a new name and face, and see if anybody could guess who you were. I was gonna start it out myself today, but I realized there's not much I talk about other than metal, potatoes, metal, anime, random anecdotes, metal, and other stuff. And, well, metal can only get you so far without raising eyebrows . . . I mean, have you seen Infant Annihilator's stuff? I can't ever talk about that band in public for a reason . . . But, I'm off-topic again.


Point is, on some random October day or whatever, we could all make our own disposable accounts, get a new avatar and screen name, and go around talking to each other, and see if we can guess who's who and so on. What do you guys think? It's a shame we're sorta limited by what we can do on here, but any other ideas and stuff is totally welcome!

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