I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

If you're looking for a short, but rather good game to play at Halloween, I recommend The Body Changer. It may not be a Halloween-themed, but it definitely is a horror action game, so that's that.
It's a game I stumbled upon by chance the other day, and although it's an Early Access game (read: not completed yet), it still offers some good stuff.


The game could be considered like a mix of the best Resident Evil has to offer: It's got the combat from RE4 (which is still a bit challenging, and ammo is getting sparse on higher difficulties), the puzzles from the first few games (and trust me, these puzzles WILL put your brain to the test!) and the character-switching from RE Zero (which further enhances the combat and puzzle element at times).
That is not to say that the game feels like a copycat - far from it! I just wanted to give you a quick comparison what to expect from the gameplay. The game does feel like it's own thing.

Although the game has quite a bit of color in it, it still moderately scary. Instead of relying on darkness and jumscares, the game creates tension by isolation and sound. It reminds be a bit of System Shock 2 which I played with the music turned off, and it was much scarier this way. The lack of any voices, and instead only reading text messages (which is appropriate for the sci-fi setting and all) further enhances the ambience-only atmosphere.


Computer terminals are scattered all over the place which provide you with game lore, control tutorials and hints for the puzzles. It's also got a working (but not perfect) gamepad support.

It took me roughly 7 hours to complete this game. For the current price of 15,99 (Halloween sale discount) it might be considered a bit short by some, but it's Early Access so whatever. I've played worse games for that kind of money.


It's got a working (but not perfect) gamepad support, and the game doesn't require much in the hardware specs department, so it should run even on older computers.
If you feel adventurous, consider giving it a try.

You can find the game on Steam here.

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