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Today, we reach one of my all time favorite Pokemon - Haunter! The disembodied head with a penchant for licking things (get your mind out of the gutter!) floats about with two hands; a mid way evolution that builds upon Gastly and moves in the direction of a full bodied apparition in the form of Gengar. His design is simple and very effective - he certainly looks like a ghost and I took a more colorful route to illustrate such a being.

My Haunter changes up the design in a very simple way - the hands are a tiny bit more elaborate and the head is split up into two pieces. I thought it might be cool to have a separate jaw that could latch on and off and extend itself in different directions, creating terrifying smiles or grimaces. Part of the inspiration were zombies - some of them are depicted missing their jaws, and look grotesquely cool.

Another focus was on bringing in color to the otherwise single toned purple Haunter. I brought green into the mix, something I did for Muk a few days back - this represents something more ethereal, and for some it should remind them of ectoplasm from various pop culture renditions of ghosts. I threw in reds as well, brightening up the purples and contrasting well with the green.


At first, the work was very messy and I wanted to keep it in that way, but slowly, like I always do, I cleaned up the work. I think this was for the better, and I found different ways to add a certain "messy" aesthetic that brings a little chaos to a creature that certainly thrives off of mischeif and mayhem. Haunter is a Pokemon whose design can stand on its own, and next to Gengar, doesn't look less formidable just because he's a stage lower. The work evolved into something neon-y, and this Pokemon living after death is given new life because of the vibrancy.


That said, please look forward to ending up the week with the equally adored evolution to Haunter tomorrow. Can't wait to show off Gengar...well, when he's done...I've got an awesome idea I hope to pull off! Thanks as always for reading and viewing my work! See you here tomorrow!

Oh, and also, it's my mom's birthday today! I wanted to mention it since she's the one who's always pushed me to go and do art...and she also helped creating me, so she's kind of a big deal. So yeah, everything I am today and what I'm trying to do with my dedication to this craft is thanks to her! :D



+ Pokemon One a Day is a series illustrated and curated by Bonny John in an effort to represent the the first generation of characters from the world wide phenomenon that is known as Pokemon. The idea is simple - to draw and share one new Pokemon a day (weekends off!) until every Pokemon from the set is completed. This project is an exploration of fine art styles for learning and leisurely purposes.


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