I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ah, they grow up so fast. And much like the Dreamcast's recent 15th US birthday, today's GameCube Japanese release is worth celebrating too. In my opinion at least, the GameCube has some of the best video games I ever played, and even if sales totals didn't really shine very brightly, it was responsible for many happy memories in my life. So I want to know your top 13 5 (let's face it, you guys and gals will not bother to pick 13 games on a Sunday) games on the system. I've written about GameCube games back when I began writing for TAY, so these should not be very surprising. Here we go!

5) Resident Evil 4

The best of the best, a whole generation ahead of it's time, it was worth the wait. The fact that it remains a template for games of the genre today attests for this game legacy. That and the fact that has been ported and upgraded for nearly everything out there of course. Will this game ever be beat...


4) Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Zeta Gundam

Yes, yes, I know this also made it from arcades to PS2 (let's face, almost everything eventually ended up on PS2) but the GameCube enhanced port takes the cake. Of course it helps if you're versed in the Gundam UC universe, and if you do, this game turns into a huge reference fest. Really fun with or against human players!

3) Metroid Prime

Need I really say anything here? While PS2 and XBox owners where furiously discussing what was better between Killzone and Halo, I was enjoying a truly fantastic experience on the GameCube: Super Metroid in 3D! I guess that is really the biggest complement I can make right there. Well done, Retro.


2) Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

How did Factor 5 manage to bankrupt themselves after delivering the single best vehicular Star Wars game ever made? Still waiting to play something better than this in my lifetime. The Force better be strong on you, EA...


1) F-Zero GX

You probably knew I was going to put this up here. What else could I do? It remains the finest racing game I ever played and even over a decade later it has yet to be beat by Nintendo or anyone else. The very best of the best and one of the biggest challenges I ever took and beat on my 30 years as a gamer. I expected nothing else from such a dream team of developers.


So many more good games flooding my mind but hey, gotta keep it at 5. So how about yours? If you need some help, here are 93 videos I made earlier this year for you to remember the good ol' days. Take it away, the comments are yours! And I got a date with Mute City...

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