Welcome to the 18th year in the Stage of History.

On this date in the year of 1996 Soul Edge arrived in Japanese stores and soon afterwards, my up to then mostly fists and kicks preference for fighting games (Samurai Shodown being exception that confirms the rule) would change forever!

If the Arcade game was already impressive as it was, the Playstation home conversions added a ton of content not only to the game but even in the music, offering two different versions of the soundtrack besides the original. If Tekken was the king of the living room, when Soul Blade as it was called arrived in Europe, it was that disc that remained on Sony's revolutionary home console for months! Entire afternoons spend away fighting both my friends or just brushing up my skill against the CPU and trying to see all the interactive single player ends.

Zarnyx already did an amazing job in putting the soundtrack under our collective attention. So here is the Khan Super Session soundtrack remix, which was also included within the home game.

The series would evolve into what we know as Soul Calibur. It became a flagship title on the Sega Dreamcast and it's sequel, my favourite game in the series (namely the GameCube version because of Link). I also quite enjoy the third outing on Playstation 2 (very cool create a character mode) and was sad that it never made it to the GameCube but that's the way the industry went. And I must sadly admit to having missed out on other entries in the franchise because I only had a Wii in the previous generation (yes, I do own and quite enjoyed Soul Calibur Legends) and as such the only "Soul Blading" in did was on my PSP. I hope Namco hasn't sent Project Souls away from the stage of history, because much like Ace Combat, it remains my favourite Namco franchise and I would love to have a new entry in the series for this generation (HD remakes and F2P models not applying).


Well that's enough from me, but feel free to share all your memories of this fantastic series in the comments below. Here is an episode of Shiryu & F81 play when we clashed on GameCube while I go assemble my PSX (I already have my original PAL copy of the game in hand!).

*OMAKE* Track 12 from my PSXX album, released yesterday.