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How could the guy who drew out the original 151 Pokemon for the One a Day series miss posting anything whatsoever on Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary over the weekend?! That’s what I’ve been thinking myself the last few days until I realized that the 20th Anniversary isn’t a day long celebration...but a whole year long event!

With that said, I want to give a hearty congrats and thank you to Nintendo and GameFreak for Pokemon and their everlasting effect on fans the world all over!


With Pokemon’s 20th, I wanted to create an illustration that encapsulated the monsters that make the franchise so great. I wanted an organized chaos that would grab your attention before you could even understand what you were looking at. Drawing all 151 Pokemon was a challenge I took on and defeated before, so a round 2 drawn in my own personal style would be it’s own new beast to tame.

The piece itself took over 30 hours to complete. Shown in the video below is about 16 of those hours, with many of the time spent behind the scenes composing and compiling 151 different creatures to fit the canvas in an aesthetically pleasing way. Much of the end phase of the illustration revolved around buffing out the forms/silhouettes of the Pokemon filling in negative space where applicable.

I’ve compiled the major phases of the creation of this work in the video below!

The whole process was never straight forward - while I made a great push to cement things within the composition, I surprised myself in finding new areas to fix or revamp even at the last minute. It was an intense battle through and through!


Before I wrap things up, I want to say that when I think of Pokemon these days, I don’t think just about the series and the time I’ve spent in these digital worlds over the last 20 years. I think about all the friends I’ve made playing these games, and the friends I’ve made sharing illustrations concerning this franchise that have made me a better artist as well.

The One a Day run I had on here was a blast all thanks in part to you guys. I hope you enjoy the illustration and be sure to check out the video as well! Took more effort than the usualSeeBonnyDraw speed paint videos and I think it’ll be well worth your time!

Until next time, train on!


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