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Twenty five years... woof! Tempus Fugit, eh? The SNES was released twenty five years ago a day like today. It took the world by storm with its flashy Mode-7 and 16-bit processor, but sadly no Blast Processing. Nevertheless, the sequel to the successful NES changed the Video Game industry forever...

Not by its own merit though...

If there’s one reason I feel the SNES was so successful back in the 90s was because of its never-ending feud with the Sega Genesis - A rivalry strong enough to destroy friendships and ruin childhoods.


So... let’s all go into the time capsule and reminisce our favorite moments of the little 16-bit engine that could! What are your most precious memories of the console? Your favorite five games? Yada Yada Yada.... Talk Amongst Yourselves <3

PS: In case you’re looking for a list of the best SNES games according to the Donkiest of the Kongs, then go check this thing instead.

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