I'm really feeling it!

On this day back in 1982, Sir Clive Sinclair delivered to the world what would become my first ever micro computer: Sinclair Research's ZX Spectrum 48k!

It's pronounced "Zed eX" by the way. I was very lucky that my dad got one with one of his work colleagues straight out of the UK a few years before it began selling like hot cakes over here in Portugal. This little 8-bit, z80 CPU (same as the one on Game Boy) powered wonder had hundreds of games which I played hours on end every chance I could! I learned English in order by myself so I could understand and play the video games, learned BASIC as my very first programming language and here I am now today, a full fledged IT professional by day and video game bloger by night, writing about it! I would say things have come full circle.


There is still much love left for this system, there is an active home-brew community still ferociously working on new releases for it. If you want to find out more about this tiny box that changed my entire life, the already legendary World of Spectrum website is your best resource to do so. I leave you with a little something I made a few years ago, honouring my favourite game on the system: "Renegade"!

By the way, I still have my dad's 48k with me, it sits proudly next to my Game Boy collection in a shelf on my entrance hall. Anyone around TAY had one of these bad boys or were you old gamers my age prefer it's rival, the all mighty SID sound chip powered Commodore 64?

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