I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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3DS, 3DSXL, New 3DS and the often forgotten 2DS. Faceplates, no faceplates. The one thing consistent from the fine folks of Nintendo has been the outpouring of awesome games in its library. Oh, alright. Maybe it wasn't always that way, particularly at launch. But 4 years later, the 3DS boasts an impressive showing.

The Nintendo 3DS, just like its predecessor had a slow start. Skeptics were writing off Nintendo's latest portable as a gimmick (for a second generation in a row). It took a price drop, an ambassador program, and just one game (Mario Kart 7) for the 5th generation portable to get some traction in the market. It feels like ancient times when we look back to those trying days.


We're just 1 year away from the big 5th birthday and we're not sure what that birthday will bring. But let us not forget the grand 4 we've already been given. In celebration, tell us your best memories of Nintendo's intriguing handheld—even the ones involving eye pains and the 2DS are welcome.

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