I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Happy 50th Birthday, Ryu!

Good ol' Ryu, he doesn't look a day older than how he looked back in 1991 from his Street Fighter II incarnation. Sadly I do, so I no longer possess the incredible skills to finish the game in a single credit without any losses, which was the way to produce the most awesome ending on the SNES home conversion of the game. Thus, and because I still wanted to celebrate this day with a little something extra for the old man, here is a leisure, difficulty level 4 SNES "Street Fighter II: The World Warrior" walktrought with the master of Hadoken himself, one of the most played and replayed cartridges around these parts.

Off course after all these years, I'm still get camera shy and manage to mess up on a couple of rounds. no biggie. Happy birthday old man, you have inspired us all at some point in our lives. Here is to fifty more years! Besides 2064 is right around the corner. I am sure people will still play Super Nintendo over then, right?


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