Straight out of Platinum Games twitter feed:

Did you play this cult classic Wii game? It's not only one of my all-time favourite game in the system, it's in fact one of my all time favourite games, period. The cheer insanity of it all... the black, white and red... the influences of "The Running Man", "The Warriors" and "Escape From New York"... I don't care what the professional reviewers said, I love this game. Platinum took a big risk by producing this on the Wii, and the gamble didn't pay off, but I for one thank them very much. Truly wish there was a sequel... even just a port of the original would be cool on 3DS!

This next video is probably NSFW on so many levels, but here goes:

Jack, you demented psycho... I often forget you're the good guy. It's a very, very... MadWorld!

Omake: A little something I made back in 2009, even before the game came out.