Join me in wishing Mikaƫl Aguirre (better know among us gamers as Orioto) a happy birthday! Mikaƫl has been responsible over the past years for the biggest bunch of wallpapers on my computers both at work and at home, in fact one of my favourite of his pieces is right now on this this PC wallpaper:

Nintendo, what are you waiting for to make a F-Zero reboot in the vein of this artwork? Truly the thing I appreciate about Orioto's art is the fact he draws the video games exactly as my imagination perceived them as a kid. Beyond pixels, beyond what the game showed, my mind wandered far... good times! Fell free to drop Mikaƫl a "Joyeux Anniversaire!" on his Facebook fan page and tell him I sent ya!

Also drop in the comments your favourite Orioto artworks!