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Happy Days Are Here; Porsche's Back in Forza!

In a grand win for sanity and sensibleness, EA has eased up on its exclusivity deal with Porsche, which means tomorrow Forza Horizon 2 will get nine of the best Porsches ever made (and a Macan Turbo), along with 500 GS to earn. Also, it’s been confirmed by Turn 10 that Forza Motorsport 6 will also get in on Stuttgart’s finest as well, although which specific cars that game will get has yet to be confirmed. Still, hard to go wrong on top of 450 cars, weather effects, and nighttime racing (man, I cannot wait for E3). It’s weird though: the one game that has the Porsche 918, the McLaren P1, and the Ferrari LaFerrari, the three kings of the hypercars, isn’t Forza Motorsport, Grant Turismo, Project Cars, nor Assetto Corsa. Instead, it’s an open world driving game where cars can be used to terrorize the countryside and all its fences, and where trees are a menace.


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