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The 3DS has seen it's fair share of fantastic eShop titles since the handhelds launch, but some games tend to rise above the rest. Is HarmoKnight one of these games?

Fair warning, I really hate reviews that go on forever and ever, so mine are very short and too the point. If you don't like it, well, go read something written by Tim Rodgers. I'm basically just going to go over the basics of gaming (gameplay, music, etc.) and give you a verdict.


So, HarmoKnight, let's get to it.

Gameplay - HarmoKnight is a rhythm game. If you traditionally don't like rhythm games chances are this isn't for you. If you enjoy games such as Rhythem Heaven and Elite Beat Agents, then this game is very much for you. The game puts you in control of Tempo, a musical warrior of sorts, who can leap and beat his way through worlds. If you get hit too many times by encroaching baddies you'll fail and get the chance to try the level all over again from the start. While you hop and bop your way across levels you can also pick up hearts that keep adding up until you're maxed out. It's a nice feature that gives you a little padding for boss battles or harder outings.

Controls - You usually only have to rely on two buttons when playing though a normal level. B jumps and A hits. Like most rhythm games it's all about timing. The controls are tight, though I did get frustrated with one of the early boss battles due to controls, but that could be because I'm a tone deaf white boy. There are later stages where you get to control other characters, each with their own set of moves, and it's a welcome change of pace.


Music - The tunes in HarmoKnight are super upbeat and adorable. If you don't like cutesy music then stay away. Also, (Spoiler?) they've thrown in some Pokemon tracks as bonus levels! You gotta love that.


Visuals - The whole game feels kind of like someone smashed Super Mario World (see over world map) and Rhythm Heaven into a comic book. The games cut scenes are either full 3D or panel by panel shots of characters with dialogue. It's a nice mix that goes a long way. The 3D effects are average (Keep in mind that I tend to play with them off).

Replay - You can replay any level after you have beaten it and try and better your score. You can also play the levels sped up, which is a blast, because it's extremely hectic and difficult.


Price - At $15, HarmoKnight is a bit steep for an eShop exclusive, but I feel it's worth the dough.

Overall - HarmoKnight is a fun and addictive rhythm game with an enjoyable cast. Though it can be frustrating at times, it just makes me want to improve my musical skills.


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