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Hastily Hacking in Watch_Dogs Made Me Regret My Actions

Illustration for article titled Hastily Hacking in iWatch_Dogs/i Made Me Regret My Actions

I would rather show you the what I captured in the screenshot I took during my play through in Watch_Dogs, more than anything, however all that appears is a black box. But this box, though its existence is merely an accident, is the most accurate representation of the joy-shattering void I found myself plunging into when I discovered what I had done: I hacked into a man's bank account to take his funds — a man whom also has a brain tumor.


Those of you whom don't know — I have one, but I have received some hesitantly optimistic news about it, however the medical bills continue to climb to near-insurmountable highs that will take me years to begin whittling down. These bills are the largest stressor in my life at the moment. It's not 'will it become malignant' not 'will it cause more problems in my health, other than seizures' nor 'how many more tests do I have to go through'. The biggest battle I'm facing is: can I afford to keep taking the prescriptions, can I afford to keep doing the tests, can I afford what the doctors, whom I see, say is the single most important thing in my life — health?

Right now, that answer is no. Money is drying up, and the search for other employment has not been beneficial in the slightest. So, I've once again been finding myself relying on games to keep me in a somewhat safe place in my mind.


Then I took money from a virtual person who suffers from the same plight. I was too hasty, saw a blue box show up around him and hacked without thinking, because I was being greedy. I already had $70,000 in my account and I didn't even need the $480 he had in his.

I didn't care until I saw the what was written about him. If I had waited, I wouldn't have hacked into his account. But I was having fun, not worrying about consequences. It was just a game.


And then the game hit too close to home. Something virtual became something very real.

Now, I ensure, before doing any hacking, that whomever I decide to hack can part ways with their money. Some people were recently mugged, in the game. Others donated to charities, or their church. Some only had volunteer jobs, which is more than I have at the moment.


And I leave them be. They seem like good people, and judging by what they take in annually, I don't see how they can afford to be without those funds. Especially that one man, whose money I stole.

In the end, it's something very small, especially in a game as large as Watch_Dogs, but it is, to me, the worst act I've committed in a game.

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