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TAY Time Chat Presents: Hatsume Fair at The Morikami

Hello there TAY welcome to a special edition of TTC! Some of you may be wondering what is a Hatsume Fair, and what is a Morikami, well... Hatsume Fair is the largest event in the Morikami Japanese Museum & Gardens in Delray Beach, FL. Celebrated after the first bud of Spring in the park, the event is a cultural clash between Japan... and Florida >.<

First of all there's no such thing as "Spring" down here, we only have Summer and cold Summer (70F) everything else is a myth, Anyway the park will be celebrating their 35th anniversary this year and it's bound to be a huge party! Cosplay contests, Anime and Manga vendors, Taiko drums and overpriced bad food (this is not a critique of Japanese food)!


It's just a coincidence I'll be attending the event this year and I would like to make a report for TAY, on Sunday I'll be driving some 25 miles, give or take, up north with fellow PoTAYto I_Kluge, and I'll be taking my camera! But since there's so much to do and see, I would like to ask you all...

Where should I invest my time?

  • The Museum which will be having two new exhibits: Genji's World in Japanese Woodblock Prints & Keeping in Touch: The Culture of Letter-Writing in Japan
  • The Roji-En Historic Gardens, representing six different movements inspired in the different periods of Japan's history.
  • The Cosplay/Costume Contest, which is self explanatory ^^;
  • Crafting fair and food stands, there's a lot of food involved... and the crafting centers itself on a exhibit of Bonsai Trees.
  • Taiko Drums, last time the concert lasted around 20 minutes so it won't take a lot of time away to focus on other activities!

Last but not least I was planning on doing a swag giveaway, The Morikami will be offering free printing on shirts, and you can choose from any of these two designs.


So I thought of grabbing some white shirts (or grey) and get them printed to give them away to some lucky TAYers... but it depends on the availability of the prints and if there's enough time >.< so I won't make any promises.

Anyway... hit up the comments section and let me know what you think!

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