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Haunting Hoothoot! Pokemon One a Day, Series 2!

Day 12

Owl Pokemon

You know how Pokemon names come from the fact that they say their name? I think Professors of the Pokemon world dun goofed when it comes to Hoothoot. Where'd they get their degrees from anyway? Instead, I propose a new name for this guy: Schmoopie. What does it mean? 'Cute fat round little owl thing' in my own made up language of course.


Hoothoot is a favorite of mine, mostly because I think owls are such strange but interesting looking birds. They symbolize wisdom in the modern day, but were mostly signs of peril and ill fortune in the past. Hoothoot as everyone knows clearly symbolizes pudgy adorableness and so I went with something round and sketchy for today.

My keyword was "wispy". With gen 2, there was a chance to explore the types that didn't get as much love in gen 1, and Nintendo botched it. I think a ghost owl type would be soooo badass. I decided to bring some wispyness to the fact that this is a night creature and created lines that were a bit rampant without going to gothy or anything along that path.


Instead, the work is still colorful as I tried to instill hues of the night and otherwise. A greenish blue tree branch, purples for shading, blue of the moon on its beak...All of these adds up to an interesting palette of colours that I never really put together before. It creates a fun little illustration of an owl who looks like he needs sleep!

And with that said, I think it's time for me to go and prep the evolution of this bugger right here. Noctowl was my second shiny Pokemon I got in the games, so it's got a special place in my heart. Stay tuned folks, and as always, give me any critiques or remarks in the comments below in regards to the illustration as well as your response to...

The Question of the Day!
You're trying to go to sleep, but a Hoothoot keeps waking you up with its constant...uh, hoot hooting. It turns out that he's got a vendetta against you because you don't wear enough deodorant and stink up the forest. What's your cologne/perfume of choice?



Exploring the creatures of Gold and Silver, Pokemon One a Day Series 2 can be seen as both a standalone project and expansion to the original marathon of artwork that sought to present one unique new illustration per day. This project builds upon the exploration of personal technical and philosophical concepts and visual styles under daily deadline to create quality works for personal and professional growth.


Learn more about the artist, Bonny John, at www.bonnyjohn.com ! There you'll find links to his YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantART accounts, in addition to his other bodies of work!


omg look at its widdle toez *dead*

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