I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

So if for some reason you find yourself having to wait till the weekend (gawd I cannot wait already...), and missed the opening weekend of Pacific Rim. Here is a training Jager video done by the collaborative effort on Polaris.

Staring: Jesse Cox, Dodger, Totalbiscuit, HuskyStarcraft, GameGrumps, Crabcat Industries


So now when your friend (that one friend) ask "Why haven't you seen it yet >:(", you can shoot back, "Why haven't you seen the training Jager vid yet! Ya dongus! >:[" Or not.

Either way its a fun watch even if you already saw the film.

Polaris is a channel set up to bring together all those youtube faces and voice we have come to know, and love into one place. Highly recommend you go check it out!

Pacific Rim Training Day the link to the youtube page, to check out the wonderful individuals that made this possible.

EDIT: Not posted to discuss the film, so don't as some folks haven't seen it yet. Okay fine...just say !!SPOILER!!

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