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Alien Swarm, a top down shooter which took a unique and more hardcore spin on the Left 4 Dea formula, recently dropped an update, or a sequel, or something yesterday on the Steam Store Page under the name Reactive Drop. If you haven’t bothered checking it out before, then you should definitely check it out now.

Launched back in 2010, Alien Swarm was a free mod that eventually received a totally free standalone release. At the time, the lack of price was almost understandable, featuring a very small number of levels and almost an insistence on playing with other people, as the tutorial stage which enabled bots in solo existed only for a single level. And that was especially a shame since the bots were fantastic. Despite its relatively small offering, though, (it was essentially a top-down Left 4 Dead) Alien Swarm packed a serious punch in the gameplay department. There was a massive emphasis on class-based co-operation where every man (and woman) counted, and a level of tactics that would actually be overwhelming after jumping in from L4D. But its very short length and difficulty getting together in modded games made its popularity short-lived.

Tactics and planning

Reactive Drop is, strictly speaking, an update. But a massive one, featuring 9 entire campaigns, 8 of which are new, 8-player co-op as opposed to 4 (and trust me, it’s not easy at all), full and feature complete Solo mode with proper bot control (looking at you, multiplayer-only co-op games), a bunch of other features, and most importantly a Steam Workshop functionality that the community was begging for for ages. Sure, the new campaigns are fan-made, but in a manner of speaking so was Alien Swarm itself. And hey, it’s nice to have mod content officially added as part of the game. It’s about as “definitive edition” as definitive editions could get, to the point where it’s almost a new game in itself. Even if the overall package is undeniably still just Alien Swarm (which is a good thing, given how awesome the first one was).

And hey! It’s free!

For Liber-Tea! ... Wrong game, but my point still stands.

I smell a TAY game night. Anyone?

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