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ChariTAY Stream Signups

Hello Everybody! E1 Salvador and I are putting together the first ChariTAY stream. We are looking for streamers, commentators and support staff for the stream. For those of you interested, we need solid commitments and ways to contact people so we can get everything in order.

For those interested in signing up, please fill out the form to sign up.


Please note that we're trying to figure out if the first or second week in September works best for our organized stream. Please let us know in the form.

When giving us a time, please note your timezone and give us the time in your timezone. We'll do the math.

Also, we won't be able to have you stream if you don't give us something like a skype name or an email to contact you by.

Please note that this is a bit of a commitment. We need to know that you will be there within your timeslot. If you find that you cannot meet the commitment, please let us know well in advance, so we can organize another streamer.


Have fun everyone! Let's make this happen!

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